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BY Aj.                       26th October 2016

The Looking Glass Wars
by: Frank Beddor.


Give a summary of the book:

Alyss Heart is the princess of Wonderland, her mother Genevieve is the Queen, and Madigan Hatter is not mad, he is Queen Genevieve’s bodyguard.
Genevieve’s sister Redd Heart is the vicious villain.

List and explain your favourite parts of the book:

My favourite parts are: the bits when Alyss, Genevieve and Redd summoned things with their imagination, when the Queendom celebrated Alyss’ birthday, Madigan fighting enemies, when Redd was crowned, and when Alyss went through the Looking Glass Maze.

Write a small blurb about the book, to make others interested in it:

Alyss Heart, Princess of Wonderland is having her 7th birthday celebrated by the Queendom when Queen Genevieve is visited by a fortune-teller, The Blue Caterpillar, who shows Genevieve that her sister, Redd Heart might escape from her prison in the Checkerboard Desert.