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Eragon. By: Christopher Paolini.


By Christopher Paolini.

Write a summary of the Book:

Eragon is a normal farm boy from Carvahall until when hunting, he finds a blue stone that turns out to be a dragon egg, which makes his life take a great turn, making him a Dragon Rider, making him a peacekeeper against evils in Alagaësia.

What are your favorite parts of the book? Can you explain why? 

One of my favorite parts is when Saphira hatches and gives Eragon his Shining Palm. I think it was very lucky Brom came along too. When Brom gifts Eragon with Zar’roc, a red Rider’s sword. Another of my favorites is when Eragon does magic for the first ever time and shouts “Brisingr!” at the Urgals. When Brom and Jeod reunite after years. I like it when Eragon meets Murtagh, who saves Eragon and Saphira from the Ra’zac but not before the horrible creatures fatally wound Brom who, very sadly dies but before he does, Brom reveals to Eragon that he was a Dragon Rider too. I think it’s great when Murtagh rescues Eragon and the elf woman, Arya from a prison in Gil’ead and manage to get her to the Varden in Tronjheim.

Describe your favorite character, and explain why:

Well, that’s easy. My favourite character is Saphira. I think she is a very amazing character. What I love most about her is her dry humor. Eragon soon finds out that dragons can laugh, in their own way, of course.

Write a small blurb about this book, to get others interested in reading it too

When hunting, Eragon discovers a mysterious blue stone, which soon hatches a female blue dragon. Soon Eragon’s simple farming life takes an unexpected turn, making him a Dragon Rider, a legendary peacekeeper against the perils and evils in Alagaësia.

Would you recommend this book? If so. Why?

I recommend Eragon to, Katie McGrath (if she hasn’t read it already), my friend Freja and Claire Hosterman. Katie is my favourite actress; Claire is my singing teacher who taught me to open my wings and fly (hence Eragon) and Freja because she is one of the most awesome people I know.

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