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Brisingr: By Christopher Paolini

By Christopher Paolini

A Brief Summary of the Book:
After the battle on the Burning Plains, Eragon and Saphira are battle worn and injured, but they go on a mission to rescue Roran’s love Karina. They soon have to return to Ellesmera to finish their training to save Alegeasia from Galbatorix.
What are your favorite parts of the book:
I quite like Eragon and Saphira’s moments of humor. The part when Saphira fixed the Star Rose (Isidar Mithrim) on Orik’s coronation.
When Katrina and Roran we’re married by Eragon. I thought it was really touching of Gleadr to give Eragon his Eldunari .( his heart of hearts) my most favourite part is when the blacksmith elf woman Rhunon helped Eragon make a Riders sword to kill Galbatorix with.

Describe your favorite character and explain why:
My favorite character is still Saphira. I’m sure she would be very flattered. She is so funny. She has a dry sense of humor, I don’t understand some of them really. I think Angela is cool. I read that Christopher based her on his sister. I sometimes don’t get her, but who does? Ha Ha!

Write a small blurb about this book, to get others interested in it:
Eragon and Saphira, who are still recovering from the battle on the Burning Plains, have to return to Dras Leona to rescue Roran’s love, Katrina from the clutches of the king. But they must return to Ellesmera to continue their training to rid Alagaesia of the evil Rider King Galbatorix before its to late…

Would you recommend this book? If so. Why?
I would recommend it to my friend Freyja, and anyone else who enjoys Dragons, Magic and adventure!

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