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Hunger (from the Gone Series) By Michael Grant

Hunger (from the Gone Series)
By Michael Grant


Write a Brief Summary of the Book:

In Perdido Beach, Sam and his friends struggle to stretch the limited food over a hundred starving children and teenagers. The Darkness too, is hungry and

What are your favorite parts of the book:

I don’t really have favourite parts. The whole book is good. I hope that answer is acceptable.

Describe your favorite character; and explain why:

I like everyone, really. They all have their cause and need. The kids in Perdido Beach are the ones I like. Not Caine, obviously. I like Diana. She is like a middle way person. She knows when she has gone too far.

Write a small blurb about this book, to get others interested in it:

Very limited supplies. Many starving children and teens. Sam Temple and the FAYZ government are struggling to keep violence at bay. Sam’s evil brother, Caine in driven into town in attempt to take control with his sidekick Drake, AKA Whip Hand. But deep underground the most terrible danger is hungry.

Would you recommend this book? If so. Why?

I don’t care to say a list of people. Everyone should read these books. To any normal teens reading, therefore you should appreciate your parents or anyone keeping you alive. The starvation in this book would be like World War Two, many starving people, very limited food. Appreciate anything given to you.


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