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Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa. By Jenny Nimmo

Date: 7/9/17

Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa.

By Jenny Nimmo


Write a Summary of the Book:

Dangerous events are starting to bloom around Charlie Bone. While Benjamin Brown and his parents are in Hong Kong, there is a constant fear of Grandma Bone finding Runner Bean. A strange girl called Belle may also be one of these dangers. Along with Uncle Paton gone.

What are your favorite parts of the book

I like the part when Charlie and his friends find out that their teacher, Mr. Boldova is endowed, just like them. I am relieved when Mr. Onimous takes Runner Bean to his pet Café to protect him from Grandma Bone. When Uncle Paton finally arrives home. I am also pleased when Billy Raven helps them talk to the Blue Boa in exchange for his rat friend, Rembrandt. And finally, when they make Ollie Sparks visible again and bring him back home.

Describe your favorite characters; and explain why they are your favourites:

Am I allowed to have favourite characters that are animals? If so, I’d like to say that my favourite character is the Blue Boa. Long ago, the Blue Boa was a very wise and gentle creature. But when the Red King’s oldest son, Borlath, tortured it, the Boa was a terrible and dangerous creature. But with Billy Raven’s understanding words, the poor, dear boa was wise and gentle again. Therefore, the boa is my favourite character.

Write a (small) blurb about this book, to get others interested in reading it too:

There are new dangers and perils blooming around the city. A danger for poor Runner Bean, who must stay in the same house as Grandma Bone without being found out. A mysterious girl with colour-changing eyes, and a secret about an invisible boy in the attics of the Bloor’s Academy. Charlie Bone is in the most danger, along with Uncle Paton gone…

Would you recommend this book? If so. Why?

I like this book, so I will recommend it to anyone who likes adventure.

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